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Otus introduce Conneted In-Vehicle Dash Camera and Recorder

Otus introduce Conneted In-Vehicle Dash Camera and Recorder

  • Full 1080P HD Recording at 30fps – Capture everything that happens on your device in crystal clear HD.
  • Event Trigger Video Uploading – Unexpected driving behavior can be detected, and triggers event video footage to be uploaded to Cloud via In-Vehicle LTE GPS device by Wi-Fi connection.

  • Built-in Driving Behavior Logger – Capture video footages while unwanted driving behaviors are detected, such as harsh acceleration, braking and sharp turns…etc.

  • Advance HDR & Night Vision – Unique High Dynamic Range (HDR) video system for superior low light compensation, automatic day/night light adjustment assuring the best picture quality regardless of lighting conditions.

  • Live Monitoring – Built-in Wi-Fi along with In-Vehicle LTE GPS device, remote fleet managers can request the live video from Camera, knowing what’s going on of your fleet on the road at the moment.



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About Otus Imaging

Otus Imaging is a wholly owned subsidiary of VIVOTEK and part of DELTA family.
Otus is recognized with rich experience in designing and manufacturing quality video products with core technology of image SoC optics, in-house software and hardware know-hows, and comprehensive service solution.