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Leading-Edge WebRTC Streaming &

VSaaS Cloud

Fast and reliable turnkey video software solution that can be
quickly integrated into existing fleet management services and
platforms. The state of the art WebRTC technology is embedded
into D310-F dash cam and managed by dedicated servers to provide
live streaming capability with minimal effort to platform developers.
The highly secured VSaaS cloud also provides a safe storage for
uploaded event videos and for remote access.

We offer the most valuable video software solution suitable for
any fleet management system.



ThroughTek Video Cloud Services




iframe video player can be easily embedded into fleet management platforms and provides the ability to view live and stored videos with ultra-low latency.



WebRTC streaming connection provides encrypted and fast P2P data transfer directly from dash cam to platform.



VSaaS cloud recording offers safe and cost-effective storage of event-based video clips that can be remotely accessed later.